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There will be a catalog available for this exhibition published through California State University, Fullerton’s Grand Central Press. The catalog includes artwork from the exhibition as well as essays by author and urban legends expert Jan Harold Brunvand, art world writers and curators Doug Harvey, Tyler Stallings, and Mat Gleason, along with exhibition co-curators, Lauren Haisch and Wendy Sherman.  

Artists will be in attendance at the opening reception on Friday, May 13 from 7-10pm to sign the catalog. The retail price is $19.95. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the catalog will go to support artists in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District through the ADCA.

Catalog Contents:

Introduction by Jan Harold Brunvand: “Urban Legends – By Any Other Name”
Curatorial Statement by Lauren Haish & Wendy Sherman
Essay by Doug Harvey: “The Call is Coming from Inside the House:
Urban Legend and the Artistic Imaginative”
Essay by Tyler Stallings: “A New, or Old, Urban Legend: The Vanishing Artist, or Painting is Dead (Again)”
Essay by Mat Gleason: “How Urban Legends Educate The Squares”
Catalog Design by Wendy Sherman

Full Color
8” x 10” size
120 pages
Soft Cover

Retail Price: $19.95